Meet Craftworks

Do you wonder where L’OUI cocktail machines are made? The technical geniuses behind our machines can be found at Craftworks. Craftworks was founded in 2006 by Joost Dessing, Johan Dronkert and Martin Knip. They have over 30 years experience in product development in various markets, mainly for the agri-food applications. Nowadays, they are also the ones who brought L’OUI to life.

Craftworks: the king of dispensing solutions

Throughout the years, Craftworks’ focus has been on the development of all kinds of dispensing solutions for companies as Coca-Cola, Jacobs Douwe Egberts, Danone, Friesland Campina and Heineken. Craftworks has a team of over 20 engineers in all necessary disciplines of product development (mechanics, electronics and software development).The strength of Craftworks is to develop smart and reliable dispensing solutions in a very short time.

In 2018, a separate product assembly company (Craftworks Production) has been founded, in order to shorten the time-to-market for newly developed appliances for our customers.

When the L’OUI cocktail dispenser was created

The L’Oui cocktail dispenser project started early 2021. A few months later, in August 2021, the first prototype machine was released. We took some time perfecting the cocktail machine and in March 2022, the production of the first series of the cocktail machine started. Now, we are happy to announce that the L’OUI cocktail dispenser is available.

Craftworks and The Stillery

Such an innovative cocktail machine can’t be complete without great cocktails to dispense. That’s why we work with The Stillery, the spirit brand with whom we created 25 classic cocktails, based on unique recipes. Together, they are what make L’OUI what it is today.

Meet L’OUI

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