Cocktail machine L’OUI at The New Web (TNW)

After two years the conference of The Next Web (TNW) finally happened once again. One of the biggest Tech-events in Europe was a true global experience. Apart from public speakers as Edward Snowden andPresident Zelensky (as a hologram!), and corporations as META and Philips, L’OUI gave a show away too.

The smartest cocktail machine you’ve ever met

At the booth of KPN, L’OUI served 80 cocktails per hour to anyone who was interested in L’OUI’s pace, consistency and of course quality. KPN showcased their Internet of Things solutions with various products as connected handbags and automated bicycles. Due to KPN Things, L’OUI is connected too and can create real-time information for its clients, apart from the tastiest cocktails.

What does L’OUI being connected mean for L’OUI’s clients?

As L’OUI scans and reads the cocktails, he knows what cocktail is made at what time. He shows this to the hospitality owner through a personalized dashboard. Wherefore, he or she can act upon what cocktail to serve and which one to push. Not only the hospitality owners can react towards it, L’OUI can do it too. This creates a continuously flexible assortment that acts upon the latest trends and likings of its consumers.

Also, the number of cocktails is counted and can be compared to what is sold on the restaurant’s Point of Sale, thus L’OUI can work theft-and waste-free. And most importantly, the owner has real-time information about L’OUI’s productivity.

Apart from knowing how many, where, when, what cocktail is served, L’OUI creates other data as well. Such as temperature of the ice he creates, outside temperature and air humidity amongst other things. This data can be transformed with the help of KPN Things to creating even more consistent quality at any location, no matter what temperature or location, L’OUI will create the tastiest cocktail anywhere.

Cocktail machine with online support-team

Despite “L’OUI never saying no”, it can happen that an error occurs. Through IoT, the support-team of L’OUI are alerted before the hospitality venue even knows their L’OUI has an error and are able to resolve the issue online. This means the downtime is minimized and the guest can be served their delish cocktails in no time.

Request a demo and meet L’OUI in real life

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