About us

Meet L’OUI

Driven by a passion for taste and a shared impatience, Edwin de Koeijer and Daan Gijbels want to make every second of life count and help others to enjoy life to the fullest. That’s why they always offer quality. And time. They created L’OUI, an innovative cocktail machine, with the vision to offer the best tasting cocktails perfectly served in under a minute.

Create high quality cocktails within seconds

L’OUI provides owners of large venues the possibility to serve a large and flexible assortment of high-quality cocktails with a minimum of time, effort and needed education. L’OUI is a cocktail machine that processes L’OUIs trademark cocktails-in-a-can to a perfect serve.

The L’OUI concept allows our customers to tap into the ever fast-growing, profitable but trendy cocktail market with a minimal required investment. L’OUI is always connected via the cloud taking full control of the recipes and allowing it to closely monitor customer usage.

Where will L’OUI be of service to you?

L’OUI wants to share his hard work with as many customers across Europe as he can, but he has limitations to his capacity, so, for now, L’OUI focuses on The Netherlands, Scandinavia, Germany, France and Belgium.